Rats Control

Rats are a major issue all around the world, and the plague all cities and towns. These animals cause problems everywhere, making people’s lives more difficult.

Dealing with a rat infestation can cause serious problems to home and business owners. Rats are especially attracted to attics and wall cavities, but they can be found living anywhere that provides them food and shelter. Once rats have invaded a property, they will raid food supplies, get into the trash, chew on electrical wires, and cause serious health issues among humans and pets.  

Rats can be so difficult to deal with because of their extremely high rate of reproduction. Rats breed year-round and can have up to five litters every year, and each litter will consist of, on average, 7 offspring (although they are capable of having up to 14 in a single litter). This means that two rats could produce a population of up to 2,000 in just one year. Rats are social animals and will live in large colonies that can quickly overwhelm their environment.

Norway Rats pester many people in Colorado, especially those in large cities like Denver and Fort Collins. These large brown rats invade homes and businesses alike, especially during the winter months.

Rat Problems

            Rats are some of the worst pests in the world. Not only do they cause a lot of problems, but they’re hard to get rid of because of their small size and their high birthrates.

            You should immediately call a professional to remove rats if you find them in your home, otherwise, the rats will quickly get out of control and you’ll be faced with the following problems:

  • Spreading diseases: Many diseases are attributed to these filthy pests. These include salmonella, leptospirosis, and rat-bite fever. These animals are also responsible for spreading the plague.

To make matters worse, they carry fleas which have caused pandemics like the Black Death. That’s why you should keep your distance from these rodents to avoid contracting illnesses.

  • Damaging your home: Rats and other rodents have very sharp teeth, and they have to constantly chew on things to keep them in good shape. That’s why these pests will bite on anything they can find in your home and cause a lot of damage.

Rats are known to damage furniture by chewing on it, cause fires by gnawing on wires, and cause water leaks by biting on pipes. Repairing this damage is expensive, so you should get rid of the animals before they cost you a fortune.

Similar to bats, mice can enter a hole as small as ¼ inch to enter your home, burrowing into undisturbed small cavities. Mice and rats can ruin a home’s electrical wiring, sometimes leading to fires while posing extreme health risks to humans due to their disease-causing droppings. First Choice Wildlife Services will clean and disinfect nesting areas while completely inspecting and potential entry points.

Professional Rat Control

In Colorado, we have rats that often become a nuisance to homeowners and local businesses. Much like mice, rats will seek to escape the cold weather inside a warm home. Winters here in Colorado can be rough, but that does not mean we want unwelcome visitors in our homes, especially when they can cause extensive property damage and spread diseases.

The rats that live in Colorado can grow quite large, weighing almost a pond and typically growing up to 10 inches long. Rats can be found all over the world because they thrive anywhere where humans live, eat, and work. Human activity provides food, water, and shelter to the rat population and Fort Collins is no exception to that rule.

Other ways to prevent a rat problem include setting traps or investing in a cat that will drive away rodents in your area. However, none of these steps will guarantee your house stays rat-free; if you are experiencing a problem, you should consider contacting a professional pest control company to address the problem.

After we have sealed your house and trapped any remaining rats, we will address any needed cleanup, including dealing with potentially harmful feces and other biological waste. Potential negative health impacts of rats include viral infections and other serious conditions, making the decontamination process just as important as the pest removal. 

Rats can damage your home, cause diseases, and quickly compound the problem through reproduction. If you suspect your home might be playing host to a rat colony, it is important to contact a professional rat control company. At First Choice Wildlife Services, we are experts at dealing with all the implications of a rat infestation.

We service locations all across the Front Range, including Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Boulder, and Denver. You contact us anytime at 970-460-4044.

Removing Rats

Rat removal is a difficult process, and it comes with its own set of challenges and risks. It’s important to protect yourself before attempting rat removal, as being near the animals puts you at risk of contracting a disease.

            To understand the rat removal process, you can follow these steps:

  • Avoiding the use of poison: It’s tempting to use poison to remove rats because it sounds so easy. But experience shows that you should never use poison when dealing with rats. These toxic substances won’t get rid of all the animals, and they’ll make things more difficult because many rats will die behind your walls where it’s hard to get rid of the corpses.


  • Removing food sources: You can seal up your garbage can, store away exposed pet food, and remove fruits and vegetables from your garden. This removes the major sources that attract rodents in the first place, so these animals will be less likely to bother you in the future.


  • Setting traps: You can then work on setting traps. Snap traps are often the best way of getting rid of a rat infestation because they’re effective and easy to use. Just place these near a rat’s nest and you’ll quickly get results.


  • Sealing entry points: You should scour your home for holes and other entry points. Rats and other animals use these to get inside your home, so you should properly seal them to avoid future infestations.


  • Cleaning up: We believe that cleaning up the infested area is one of the most important steps in proper rat removal. This disinfects the spot and kills all the bacteria and viruses there. It’s an essential step for keeping you and your family safe.
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Preventing Rat Infestations

Keeping rats out of your house takes some persistence. In addition, we recommend a three-step method for preventing a rat problem on your property. 

  • Food: Rats are often attracted to food that has been left out overnight. Keep your food sealed and in the pantry whenever possible – although rats can still get into your pantry and chew through food containers.
  • Access: While it is impossible to catch every possible access point, you can focus on vents, pipes, foundations, doors, and windows. Minimizing access points can go a long way toward preventing a rat problem.
  • Trash: Rats are not fussy eaters, so keep your trash sealed in a container as well as your food. Properly secured trash will make your home less attractive to potential invaders.

If your prevention steps were not enough to stop a rat colony from taking up residence in your home, a professional wildlife or pest control service can help you deal with the infestation. When dealing with a rat problem in Fort Collins, we start by conducting a thorough inspection to determine the various access points in your home. Once your house has been sealed, we set traps to capture any remaining rats.

We never use poison to deal with rats for several reasons:

  • Poisoned rats often die slowly, making many poisons an inhumane option
  • A dead rat will get stuck in your walls and cause unpleasant odors
  • Poison can be dangerous to household pets and children
  • Rat colonies will quickly replace deceased members through reproduction.
  • Poisoning rats is often just addressing the symptom rather than the underlying problem


Call First Choice Wildlife Services

Rat removal is a difficult, dangerous, and time-consuming task, so we recommend you call a professional to handle it for you. We have the experience and knowledge to do the job quickly & effectively and will provide all the services needed for rat control and proofing.

We service the areas of Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, as well as other cities and towns in Colorado. So give us a call at 970-460-4044 to schedule our services.

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