Bird Control

Birds are everywhere, and they can be both pleasant to gaze at and a nuisance to deal with. Their wings let them reach places other pests can’t access, meaning birds can cause even more problems than your typical nuisance animal.

If you are having a problem with one of these specific species of birds, please check these pages:

Bird Problems

            There are many nuisance bird species out there, ranging from the common pigeon to woodpeckers and Canada geese. These animals can cause plenty of problems in your home, such as:

  • Dirtying your property: Many birds leave droppings around the areas they live. This can accumulate over time and make your home dirty. We clean up and sanitize all bird droppings.
  • Spreading disease: Birds themselves contain plenty of diseases, as do their droppings. Birds also contain fleas and other parasites that can infect you. By having nuisance birds nearby, you’re putting yourself and your family in unnecessary danger.
  • Damaging your home: Woodpeckers can damage your home by pecking on things, and other birds can build their nests in precarious places which can lead to drainage issues and potential fires.
  • Making noise: Birds can be very noisy thanks to their songs, pecking, and other behavior.
  • Attacking you: Some bird species are territorial and aggressive, so they may try to attack you once they’ve settled into their nest.
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Removing Birds

            It’s challenging to remove birds using traditional trapping methods because of these animals’ ability to fly and the laws surrounding their capture. That’s why our professionals at First Choice Wildlife Services focus on exclusion techniques. Bird control is very difficult and requires special equipments that is why it is critical to hire a professional bird control company like us.

            This involves changing the area around your home to make it uncomfortable for nuisance birds to settle in. Our professionals will work hard to find and remove any existing nests. They’ll also set up bird spikes and other contraptions that will annoy the birds and prevent them from building nests near your home.

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