Bird Control

Birds are everywhere, and they can be both pleasant to gaze at and a nuisance to deal with. Their wings let them reach places other pests can’t access, meaning birds can cause even more problems than your typical nuisance animal.

If you are having a problem with one of these specific species of birds, please check these pages:

Bird Problems

            There are many nuisance bird species out there, ranging from the common pigeon to woodpeckers and Canada geese. These animals can cause plenty of problems in your home, such as:

  • Dirtying your property: Many birds leave droppings around the areas they live. This can accumulate over time and make your home dirty. We clean up and sanitize all bird droppings.
  • Spreading disease: Birds themselves contain plenty of diseases, as do their droppings. Birds also contain fleas and other parasites that can infect you. By having nuisance birds nearby, you’re putting yourself and your family in unnecessary danger.
  • Damaging your home: Woodpeckers can damage your home by pecking on things, and other birds can build their nests in precarious places which can lead to drainage issues and potential fires.
  • Making noise: Birds can be very noisy thanks to their songs, pecking, and other behavior.
  • Attacking you: Some bird species are territorial and aggressive, so they may try to attack you once they’ve settled into their nest.
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Removing Birds

            It’s challenging to remove birds using traditional trapping methods because of these animals’ ability to fly and the laws surrounding their capture. That’s why our professionals at First Choice Wildlife Services focus on exclusion techniques. Bird control is very difficult and requires special equipments that is why it is critical to hire a professional bird control company like us.

            This involves changing the area around your home to make it uncomfortable for nuisance birds to settle in. Our professionals will work hard to find and remove any existing nests. They’ll also set up bird spikes and other contraptions that will annoy the birds and prevent them from building nests near your home.

Call First Choice Wildlife Services

            Give us a call at 970-460-4044 if you need bird removal control services. We service the areas of Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, and Greeley in the state of Colorado, and we can help you with any problem you have.

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How to Get Pigeons Out of the Attic

Pigeons, and more specifically rock pigeons, are incredibly common animals in Colorado and across the entire United States. These little birds, while not usually too harmful to humans, can find themselves in pretty tricky situations. Visit to learn more about how to prevent your attic from birds. Whether it may be within your property or a city, pigeons will fit their generally small bodies into any area which protects them from the outdoors. Unluckily, that oftentimes means an attic, one of the most common places to find nuisance wildlife. So, let’s look at how to get pigeons out of an attic.

Find the Pigeon(s)

One of the most important aspects of getting rid of a pigeon from any part of your property is to find it. Pigeons, while common, aren’t always the only thing within your attic. Finding tracks, feces, and more are a great sign towards finding a pigeon, although it’s not always a pigeon. Other animals may move their way into an attic, whether before or after a pigeon. It’s important to find proof of a pigeon, to make sure that’s what you’re dealing with.

Looking for the actual pigeon, feces, tracks, or feathers are great ways to get started. Make sure not to put yourself at risk though, either protecting yourself while visiting your attic or getting a team to come find it for you. If you’re determined that there are pigeons in your attic, then move carefully to find them and learn as much about the situation as you can. Inspect your attic, looking for the number of pigeons and any potential entrances and exits. Whether you take care of these animals by yourself or with an animal control company, it’s important to know as much about the situation as possible.

Find Entrances (and Exits)

Hopefully, this site was partially completed with number 1, although you need to make sure you complete it entirely. If you can manage to find all a pigeon’s entrances and exits, you can take matters into your hands. Otherwise, finding as many entrances as possible can give you hints about when, where, and how a pigeon gets in. With these facts, you’ll be able to enact a plan to control and remove the pigeons in the future.

We recommend you search the edges and outsides of your attic, looking for little holes or other spots. Pigeons love to enter through large gaps, although they’ll nudge their way inside of smaller holes or entrances. Gutters, piping, and other generally open areas are great ways for these animals to get inside, so look high but carefully.

Remove the Pigeons and Prevent Re-Entry

Once you’ve found the pigeons and know as much about them as possible, then it’s time to get to the action. While pigeons aren’t the most dangerous animals known to man, they’re still potentially a bit harmful to people. They poop absolutely everywhere, and this poop, known as guano, can hold mold, fungus, pathogens, parasites, and more. As such, you must make sure you’re well equipped, protected from both physical and biological issues. To learn more about cleaning pigeon droppings visit

Masks, gloves, suits, extra clothing, and more, are all useful, although not quite as easy as contacting the professionals. The easiest way to handle pigeons isn’t to directly go for them though. It can be quicker than other methods, although it can be much more dangerous. You’ll risk bites, scratches, infections, and more. That’s why we recommend going with the humane and safe method of trapping these animals. As you’ve located the entrances and exits these pigeons take, you can quickly put up a cage or repeating cage trap at all exits. 

Eventually, these birds will leave to get food, getting trapped. Cage traps are entirely humane, just enclosing the birds in them for you to get them removed. Colorado laws don’t restrict the removal of pigeons, meaning that you can release them if you want. They’ll easily find their way back though, so it’s easier to just get experts to take care of it for you. 

Contact the Professionals

The easiest way to get rid of pigeons is to call the professionals. First Choice Wildlife Services is licensed by the state of Colorado to remove pigeons, and we’ll gladly do so for you. Our team has the tools and knowledge to remove these animals carefully and quickly, taking care of the damage they’ve left behind. 

Remember, pigeons can leave behind dangerous materials from their stay. Materials that are hard to remove and potentially harmful. It’s easier to just call our team, and we’ll happily remove your pigeons from an attic, and prevent them from returning. After all, pigeons can fly, and they’ll just make their way back most of the time. Just give First Choice Wildlife Services a call, whether to request our services or ask for help!

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How to Remove Birds From a Chimney

You might not expect it, but birds can nest in your chimney. This is actually one of the most common nesting spots for birds. And, in the summertime, birds might go here to get out of the heat. A chimney is shaded and secure so it is often the ideal place for nesting. 

Hearing chirping near your property is not great for you, though. Still, you can’t kill birds, even if they are in your chimney. Wildlife laws protect these animals and make it illegal to harm them. 

So, you need to get them out of your home humanely and safely. We’ll talk about how you can do this here throughout the rest of this post. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this wildlife issue.

How to Safely Remove Birds From Your Chimney:

  1. Make Sure That The Animal in Your Chimney is A Bird

You might think that the animal in your chimney is a bird, but sometimes bats can get in your chimney and nest in there as well. Bats make noises that can be similar to birds.  So, confirm what the animal is before you go through with your removal plan. 

You can do this by watching your chimney closely. If there are bats, they will fly out of your chimney at night. Once you know it’s a bird move on to the next step. 

  1. Use Loud Noises

One of the safest ways to remove birds on your property is by using loud noises. You can get a noise-making machine or bang other objects together, like pans, to get birds away from your house. Again, you can’t physically harm the birds or try to destroy any nests they have made. So, this will be the easiest way to get rid of them. Make these noises near the chimney to drive the birds off for good. 

  1. Use Ammonia

Another method you can use is ammonia fumes. You cannot smoke out birds on your property as this can cause lasting damage to the animals. But you can fan ammonia fumes into your chimney. This could take a few weeks to work properly, but this is another legal way to get rid of birds in this area of your home. 

  1. Contact A Professional

You might not be able to get rid of the birds yourself though. If none of the other methods have worked, call your local wildlife expert. They should be able to handle and relocate the birds in your chimney for you. You want birds to safely leave your house. So, this is the bird removal method that we suggest going with.

  1. Get Your Chimney Cleaned and Install a Screen

Once you have the birds out, get a chimney cleaning done by a professional. Nest materials and other debris and leftover droppings from the birds should be taken care of. Then have someone install a screen at the top of your chimney. Sealing this entry point will prevent birds from nesting in your chimney in the future. 

Contact Frank’s Wildlife Removal

Birds can be difficult to get rid of in general. However, when they are nesting in your chimney, it might be best to get a wildlife expert involved. Frank’s Wildlife Removal services are here to help you. We are fully licensed and able to remove and relocate any birds from your home to a safer location. 

Our wildlife removal is completely humane and highly effective. If you want this job to be done quickly and painlessly, contact us through our website, or call us at this phone number today, (810)-691-4967. 

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