Animal Damage Repair

Animals can cause a lot of problems when they enter your home. Some of these issues are temporary — like the spread of filth and the risk of disease — since they disappear once you remove the animal. Yet some problems will persist well after an animal has been removed, so it’s important to quickly address them before anyone comes into harm’s way.

Type of Damage

            Animals may be small, but they’re still able to destroy a lot of things thanks to their sharp claws and fangs. These pests will rip and bite their way through many things in your home, causing the following types of damage:

  • Breaking furniture: Rats, mice, squirrels, and other rodents have very sharp teeth. Unfortunately, these pests use their sharp teeth to gnaw on wooden items in your home. This weakens your furniture and can end up breaking it if the rodents aren’t removed soon enough.
  • Cutting wires: Raccoons and rodents have an odd fascination with wires. These animals love to bite them, which cuts the wires and makes them worthless. This can disable any electronics the wires were connected to, and it can cause permanent damage to any machine the wires were powering.
  • Causing fires: Birds, bats, and other animals are known to build nests in chimneys and other precarious locations. These animal structures can catch on fire and spread to the rest of your home, causing unimaginable amounts of damage. Animals chewing on wires can lead to some live wires, which can also cause fires.
  • Damaging insulation: Animals are known to damage insulation. Some of these pests will tear at it and use the scraps to warm up their own nests. Others, however, might soil your insulation with their waste. This can create a breeding ground for diseases, so your insulation will have to be replaced.
  • Leaking water: Poorly positioned nests can cause a buildup of water, leading to leaks and other water damage. Rodents are also known for chewing on pipes, which can make them burst.
  • Tearing ducts: Raccoons love ripping through your home’s ducts and exploring them. Their innate curiosity can drive up your heating bills and cost you a fortune.

The list of animal damage isn’t exhaustive. There are dozens of other kinds of damage that animals are responsible for, so it’s important to properly address these issues before they make your life more difficult.

Damage Repair

            Repairing the damage isn’t an easy task. There’s a lot to do depending on the type of animal and the kind of chaos they wreaked. Yet these are some basic steps of the operation:

  • Removing the animal: You should get rid of the troublemaker before you can start fixing their mess. This prevents the animal from making things worse as you work to repair the issue. We recommend calling a professional to make this step as easy as possible.
  • Clearing debris: You should clear the area of any garbage and debris, as it makes the rest of the job easier.
  • Carving out the damage: You should start by removing the damaged part of the insulation, ducts, and wires. This helps remove any disease still on the item, and it makes the process easier since you should only repair that small part.
  • Repairing or replacing: Sometimes you’ll be able to fix the damage, like by adding some extra support to weak wooden furniture. Other times you’ll have to fully replace the damage, something that’s common with insulation.
  • Cleaning up: Once you’ve finished the repair, it’s essential you do some final cleanup and disinfection. This is an essential step as it kills off any remaining viruses and bacteria on the item and inside your home.

There is no one-stop solution or method when it comes to repairing animal damage. Each situation is unique and needs specific knowledge, so you should call a professional whenever possible. They will have the knowledge and experience to deal with the specifics.

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