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Dealing with nuisance birds like woodpeckers often requires extensive knowledge and specialized equipment. At First Choice Wildlife Services, we have years of experience across Colorado’s Front Range including Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Boulder, and Denver in dealing with woodpeckers and other pest birds. We can help you deal with a pesky woodpecker and also repair any existing damage while we’re there. Contact us today at 970-460-4044.

Once a woodpecker has created holes in your siding, your house is vulnerable to other pests and unwanted guests. The holes are often used by other birds to create nests or as access for bats, insects, and other critters. While woodpeckers are relatively safe, they can cause significant damage if they are not removed from your property. 

Northern Woodpeckers aka Flickers

The Northern Flicker (also known as the Northern Woodpecker) is a member of the genus Colaptes that can be found all across North America, Central America, and even some Caribbean islands. These are medium-sized birds that are typically around 12 inches in length with an 18-inch wingspan.

The widespread habitat of the Northern Flicker makes places like Colorado an ideal home for these birds. While they are a migratory bird that winters in the south, many woodpeckers make their year-round home right here in Fort Collins.

Woodpecker Nuisance

Woodpeckers like the Northern Flicker can quickly become a nuisance to local homeowners. It doesn’t take long for their machine-gun like drumming to drive you crazy when they settle near your house. But not only is their drumming annoying, it can also cause serious damage to your property. 

Woodpeckers use their strong bills to drill and drum for two purposes: 

  • They drill holes to look for food – primarily the bugs and insects that make up the majority of the Northern Flicker’s diet. 
  • They drum to mark territory and attract a mate. For this reason, a woodpecker will sometimes drum on metal surfaces as well as the wood parts of a home. This behavior usually happens during the spring mating season. 

Preventing Woodpecker Damage in Fort Collins

Keeping woodpeckers or flickers away from your [Fort Collins] house isn’t always an easy task – there is no simple solution to ensuring that your property stays safe from woodpecker damage. However, there are a few steps you can take to reduce your risk. 

First, you can reduce the attractiveness of your home by dealing with any insect infestations under your siding. If woodpeckers are finding your house because of a food source, you can remove the food source with a professional exterminator or specialist.  

Second, you can try to scare the woodpeckers away. This is accomplished with either loud noises or visual deterrents. Fake owls or hawks are often the most effective tool to use, but they are no guarantee against a Northern Flicker claiming your home as his own territory.  

Woodpecker Control and Removal

If the above prevention methods aren’t enough to keep the woodpeckers away, it might be time to call a professional wildlife service company. With woodpeckers, there are several legal issues involved as the birds are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Protection Act. 

This means that the Northern woodpecker is typically protected from the late spring through most of the summer (the exact dates are set each year by the Colorado Division of Wildlife). Outside of the protection dates, we are able to use our custom designed trap to relocate the birds. If you are facing serious woodpecker problems, you can also apply for depredation permit from the DOW that grants permission to trap during the protected period.  

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