Pigeon and Mud Swallow Removal

Dealing with nuisance and pest birds like pigeons and mud swallows presents unique challenges. While most pest animals in Fort Collins can be trapped and relocated, that is just not possible with pigeons and swallows. But birds can be just as much of a nuisance as skunks or raccoons.

These birds can quickly start causing problems when they start roosting on your property. For pigeons, problems include:

  • Dropping – a single pigeon can produce up to a pound of feces in a single week. And the accumulated droppings can become a breeding ground for harmful fungus or bacteria. 
  • Diseases – pigeons can carry several diseases including salmonella, histoplasmosis, and cryptococcosis. 
  • Other Pests – many pigeons are infected with fleas or mites that can spread to humans and pets living nearby. 
  • Noise – a group of roosting pigeons can make quite a bit of noise, especially early in the morning when you’re trying to sleep. 

Mud swallows share many of the above problems, but they also damage property when they build their mud nests under eaves, decks, and beams.  

Removing Pigeons and Swallows in Fort Collins

Because trapping and relocating is not an option when dealing with pigeons and mud swallows, the best option is to take away the birds’ roosting location. This process is referred to as exclusion or sometimes pigeon proofing – and involves making typical roosting locations uninhabitable for pigeons and mud swallows.

With pigeons, this means any flat services on your structure – including gutters, peaks, and beams. Mud swallows can be more difficult because they will build their nests under overhands and other vertical services. The most common way to exclude these birds in Fort Collins is with pigeon spikes. These metal spikes are installed in the bird’s roosting area and prevent them from landing and building nests on your property.

Common home remedies like fake owls, noisemakers, and streamers are rarely effective at controlling pigeon or swallow infestations. They might work temporarily, but the birds will quickly overcome their fear and return to their usual nesting location.

Professional Pigeon and Mud Swallow Control 

There is no magic solution for addressing a problem with pest birds in Fort Collins, but a professional wildlife pest control company can help you deal with unwelcome visitors in a safe and humane way. At First Choice Wildlife Services, we are highly experienced in removing pigeon and swallows from homes and businesses across the Front Range, including Fort Collins, Greeley, Boulder, and Denver.

If you are experienced problems with unwanted birds, including pigeons and mud swallows, you can contact us at 970-460-4044.

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