Professional Bat Removal and Control

Bats can enter a hole in your home as small as ¼ inch! Any home is susceptible to a bat infestation, and it’s important to remove all contamination because their droppings cause disease, bugs, and fungus. First Choice Wildlife Service has the necessary HEPA and hazardous material equipment to completely clean and disinfect your home. If you are in the Front Range area including Greeley and Boulder, and experiencing a bat problem, call us right away!

Professional Bat Removal 

First Choice Wildlife Services is highly experienced at dealing with bat control in Fort Collins. From initial inspection through the final cleanup, we strive to offer the most professional pest control services in all of Colorado.

Our team is highly trained and ready to help you deal with any level of bat infestation across the Front Range of Colorado – including Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, and Boulder. Contact us today at 970-460-4044.

Bat Removal

Bats often have a reputation as creepy and unsettling, but in reality, bats are an important part of our ecosystem here in Colorado. There are many benefits to bats – they eat an incredible number of bugs and mosquitoes, including up to 1,200 in a single hour of feeding! Bat droppings are also rich in nitrogen and make an excellent natural fertilizer.

However, as great as bats are in the wild, they are a serious nuisance when a colony takes up residence in your Fort Collins home. And because bats are territorial, they will return to the same site each year – making it vital that any bat problems be dealt with as soon as possible.

Bat Problems in Fort Collins

Bats, being nocturnal, will look for a dark, safe place to roost during the day – and in a populated area, this often means an attic or chimney. In late spring, when bats migrate back to Colorado’s Front Range, they will get into attics via gable vents, chimney flashing, soffit, fascia, or any other gap in your house. Once inside, the bats will spend their days sleeping in your attic and causing you problems.

Bats are a communal animal and will form large colonies when they find a good place to roost that is near their food source. Having a bat colony take up residence can be the source of serious problems. The large number of bats in a colony will quickly accumulate droppings (sometimes called guano) that will smell terrible in your home.

Bat colonies will also attract bat bugs – a close relative of the bed bug that will also feed on nearby humans or pets.

Health Impact of Bats 

Like most wild animals, bats can carry or transmit diseases to nearby humans, including: 

  • Histoplasmosis – an infection caused by a fungus that grows in bat droppings 
  • Rabies  Like most mammals, bats are capable of carrying and transmitting the rabies virus 
  • Other Viruses – Bats are naturally susceptible to viral infections that can be transmitted via bite or aerosolized feces and urine. These include hantaviruscoronavirus, and filovirus – among others. 

Because of bats’ susceptibility to viruses, it is important to always use caution when dealing with bats. You should hire a professional to remove any bat droppings and conduct a complete cleanup of their roosting area. And if you are ever bitten by a bat you should contact a doctor immediately (and bring the bat, if possible, for testing). 

Preventing Bats in Fort Collins

Preventing bats from getting inside your attic is almost impossible. A bat can squeeze through a crack as small as ¼” – making sealing your home a very difficult process. You can seal any openings you find, but locating every potential access point isn’t easy. One way to get started is by going into your attic during the day and looking for anywhere light is leaking through. This will provide a place to start but probably won’t reveal every bat access point.  

Bat Removal

If you suspect you have a bat problem in your Fort Collins home, we strongly recommend you contact a professional wildlife service. Dealing with a bat infestation is one of the most difficult of all the nuisance and pest animals that live in Colorado.  

An experienced bat specialist will determine how the bats are accessing your attic and then build an exclusion system that allows the bats to leave but not return. Once the bats have been excluded, any remaining access points will be sealed and the cleanup process will begin. It is important that the bat droppings are dealt with in a professional manner because of the possibilities of infection or disease. The good news is that many insurance providers will cover clean-up costs after bat removal.  

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